how to get a free website for your online business

Start your own business and make more money and more customers online

Are you seeking for a good website for your business? Do you want to make money online? Are you tired of your current web hosting company and need a better webhost? Do you intend to start a business and earn extra income to supplement your paycheck?

free website

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then this service is for you.

Now you can save yourself the worry of spending hundreds of dollars for a professional website. This service gives you a free website service. Now I am not talking of a under constructed site without any content. I mean a classical looking website that has the ability to generate more income and clients for your business.

Dear friend, this opportunity is for a limited time. As you may be aware, many people need to get the following before they begin their business online .

A webhosting account

A good theme

A well designed logo

Quality articles describing their niche business

After all these , their website is set up but they would have spent close to $350 dollars and above. This is not to mention some paid plugins can add to the amount .

This is a simple and I will do all these for free.

Yes you do not have to spend hundreds before you get a professional website.

How about spending as little as $5.99.

You are saving hundreds of dollars to get a professional looking site with premium articles up

Now I am not bragging about what I do. As i have been doing this online for three years in a row.make money online




Here is what I am offering you for free


  1. I will build your website with the latest content management system ( WordPress).
  2. I will install a security plugin that will block all hackers attempt and keep your site secure for 25 years. ( you only have to update it when it ask and this is free and can be done under 30 seconds.)
  3. I will install a beautiful looking theme. You will receive two professional paid themes for your website. This will help improve user experience on site. Oh lest I say it , you need a fine and clean site.
  4. I will install a social media plugin that spreads your site to twelve social sites like Facebook and twitter. Be careful with this as your site can go viral in weeks.
  5. I will give you a plugin to collect emails if you love to connect with your customers. This will facilitate repeated business.
  6. I will install a cache plugin that makes your site fast as a space jet. Say bye to snail loading site.
  7. I will install a SEO plugin which is among the best SO FAR. it helps Google to love your website and give the search engine some recipe for daily indexing of your site.
  8. I will install 4 more plugins to keep your site fully functional.

Not only that , here are more free bonus for you

  1. I will write 3 articles on any niche for your website.
  2. I will design a good logo for your site.


I will do all these if ONLY you buy your hosting plan from MY BLUEHOST LINK within the next 24-48 hours

After you have purchase your plan for just $5.99

send your website details to my email at

I will set up your website in 24 hours.

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